“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” -Albert Einstein

I have often wondered if that is why Microcurrent is a much more popular service in Germany than I have seen here in the USA. Lets change that.

There are two types of microcurrent offered in the world of skincare services:

Static and Dynamic.

Dynamic or Static Microcurrent? How do they differ?


Dynamic: A process or system characterized by constant change, activity, or progress

Static: Lacking in movement, action, or change

If you are a fitness and health enthusiast, you might be familiar with static and dynamic stretching.

For example, static stretches are those in which you stand, sit or lie still and hold a single position for a period of time. Dynamic stretches are controlled movements that prepare your muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissues for performance and safety. Pilates would be a great analogy as it offers mostly dynamic movement to achieve a healthier body on many different levels.

If you appreciate art you might be familiar that flames are the one thing you can’t ever replicate in art. The moment you make them static in paint you take away their magic.

A similar analogy is with microcurrent. Know which microcurrent services you sign up for. Static microcurrent is limited, whereas a dynamic microcurrent can achieve so much more.

Go for the magic!

What exactly is Dynamic Microcurrent?

It all starts with ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). The simple definition for ATP is that it is an energy carrying molecule found in the cells of all living organisms. It drives the creation of key structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin, and is the biochemical way to store and use energy.

What are the overall benefits?

Increase of the following:

  • Collagen & elastin production
  • Fibroblast activity
  • Amino acid production
  • Blood flow
  • Hydration
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Volume
  • Improves elasticity
  • Firmer, smoother skin
  • Texture and tone
  • Luminosity and glow
  • Reduces lines & wrinkles
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Improves circulation
  • Clearer skin while reducing acne
  • Lifts jowls
  • Lifts eyebrows
  • Promotes detoxification
  • Decreases puffiness and inflammation
  • Stimulates endocrine system
  • Improves pigmentation issues
  • Better product penetration
  • Reduction of degenerative processes through promoting proper function of connective tissues
  • Mood enhancer

How soon will you see results?

Impressive improvements are visible within minutes of your fist session. Further changes will be even more dramatic, effective and lasting as the ATP is accumulated, cell structure strengthened, collagen and elastin rebuild, and muscle memory achieved with numerous sessions.

How many treatments before seeing results?

To show you an example, the attached picture is from the day of visiting the manufacturing site in California, where I had the pleasure of receiving one (!) treatment. This is proof that it shows significant improvement after just one treatment!

Just like with exercise there is a result after one time, but imagine what you can achieve with regularity. You know where I am going with this … if you want to see long-term results the best approach is to have treatments done in a series. The initial package depends somewhat on the starting point, age and aging progression as we all age differently.

Here is a recommended guideline:

Age 35: 5 sessions over two to three weeks

Ages 35-50: 10-15 sessions over four to seven weeks

Ages above 50: 15 sessions over five to seven weeks

How long do results last?

Longevity of results varies according to each persons age and lifestyle, but most clients will seek a maintenance treatment every 1-3 months thereafter to maintain the retraining of muscle memory. The face will gradually lose this new memory at some point if further treatments are not received.

To best preserve boost every 4-6 weeks after the initial lift is achieved.

How does NeurotriS True Dynamic Intelligent Microcurrent differ from all the rest?

Processes are monitored through skin composition analyses for optimum program values, customized for every client.

  • Dynamic Microcurrent monitors bio-feedback optimizing results based on an individuals skin impedance (density).

Static microcurrent does not.

  • Pulses are sent to the tissue gathering impedance values.

Static microcurrent does not.

  • Data collected strikes back to the machine's computer to calculate appropriate multi-level signal values and levels.

Static microcurrent does not.

  • Because of different skin types, the machine will adjust signal levels and values to accommodate any skin using complex algorithms.

Static microcurrent does not.

  • This means the results are FOUR times as great compared to a first-generation microcurrent (or static microcurrent, such as cotton buds inserted into probes).

Gentle and precise multi-channel pulses interact with the deepest layers of the skin.

Electrical pulses accelerate water intake by the skin cells. Intracellular hydration is essential for cellular function in ATP production. Therefore it is recommended you consume plenty of water within two hours prior to treatment as well as following the treatment.

If we can maintain hydration at an intracellular level, we can not only slow down the aging process but also reverse it.

The mitochondria are the small power plant inside each cell. And it helps to supply ATP molecules to sustain natural skin density, smoothness, and even collagen production. When this power plant is working at full capacity our skin condition is improved and we are full of energy. Due to water intake, mitochondria now have the support to produce the needed vital fuel.

As a result, hydration level increases, toxins are eliminated, skin feels firmer, wrinkles are diminished under the tension, and the overall quality of the dermal layer is improved. This is because of the probes' precise values of the multi-channel electrical pulses.

That’s why NeurotriS facial machines produce faster results than static current machines.

Hand Made in America - A treat for you and me!

How many times do you hear that the products that we purchase for your business are handmade? It’s rare! But not for NeurotriS! These devices are FDA-cleared and are handmade in a medical device state-licensed facility in Irvine, CA. The machines are custom designed with every order, by the design team at NeurotriS, then those designs are handed over to engineers who hand-make each device!

A special treat was visiting the manufacturing site, meeting with the engineers and meeting some of their clients who were also visiting from all over the world (Australia, Sweden, Germany).

Are there any contraindications?


People with pacemaker or who are pregnant are not good candidates.

If you have a neurological disorder such as epilepsy, recent surgery, cancer, implanted defibrillators, please discuss with your doctor first.

A word of advice when it comes to hydration:

Hydration is vital to an effective treatment because water is conductive to electricity. Please drink two glasses of water prior to treatment and two to four following the treatment.


When high tech meets ancient wisdom then we have the best of both worlds.

Put intention into your skincare routine. Maintaining your skin is a lifelong commitment. Taking care of your skin is just like taking care of your body–it is part of a lifestyle.

Skincare is Healthcare! Be kind to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life.

Skin Fit Rox was founded to provide a European standard of full-spectrum skincare using home care coupled with skincare services with an emphasis on client safety - delivering superior client results in an inviting, contemporary environment.

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