Personalized Skincare Service 60 min

Personalized Skincare Service 60 min

At the start of each session, an evaluation will be conducted to assess current skin issues, at-home care regimen, and age management progress. Given that skin is continuously impacted by environmental factors on a daily basis, we will personalize your treatment plan for each session accordingly.

During the treatment, we use a sophisticated sensor with advanced technology to calculate moisture levels on the skin. This offers a quick scientific guidance to allow you to be an active participant in understanding skin function and need for specific topical products and services to reach your goals.

To guarantee a fruitful treatment, we begin with a clean slate. Our method involves a silver ion infused Azul silicone bristle that utilizes advanced ultrasonic cleansing technology, resulting in up to a 600% improvement in cleansing compared to manual cleansing alone. With ultrasonic waves pulsating at a rate of up to 24,000 vibrations per second, the bristle efficiently dislodges dirt and debris, enhancing the effectiveness of the ensuing treatment.

We may use ultrasonic exfoliation technology during the treatment, which functions by generating high-speed oscillations that result in smooth, fresh skin that is perfectly primed for product application. Additionally, personalized masking, antioxidants, and peptides are used to nourish the skin, and iontophoresis may be used to enhance deeper absorption.

Lastly, we secure your investment by applying SPF to finalize the treatment.

Tips what pairs well with this service:

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