Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation

You have one or more skin concerns. It might be how to age gracefully. Or how to improve the appearance of pigmentation. Or how to improve acne or acne scarring. Or how to combat excessive redness in the skin that maybe prompted by rosacea. It may be the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Or it could be under eye concerns. The list goes on.

You have tried many things, but nothing showed longterm improvement? Are you overwhelmed to figure out what products you should be using or what ingredients to look for?

If you are ready to get in control of your skin and find solutions so that you can love your skin, that’s where our expertise comes in.

Did you know that with the right kind of homecare you can achieve 80% of the results?

We know you want to see your skin progress monthly, seasonally, and ongoing, so we will continue our connection through the 30-minute SkinFitRox Signature Virtual Consultation via video platforms.

In addition, a one-week follow-up service will be conducted via phone.

During the Signature Virtual Consultation, you will receive a customized consultation analysis. A hand-selected home care program will then be selected based on your immediate skin care needs and current lifestyle, followed by an e-mail How-To-Use step-by-step of your program.

We want to ensure all of your questions are answered during the consultation.

In some cases, one consultation appointment may be sufficient. Simple follow-up questions may be addressed via email. However, most of our clients schedule additional consultations by phone periodically when they have more questions, are wanting to adjust their home care program seasonally, or are considering further guidance.

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