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Guten tag! I am Nicole Rox—your go-to skin guru!

Hello from Edmonds, where Skin Fit Rox, LLC, is nestled in a picturesque bowl of beauty! I am Nicole Rox, a proud 'Germanican,' blending the best of Germany and America in all I do. 🇩🇪 🇺🇸

Skincare Therapy—Beyond Traditional (A)esthetics

Throughout my professional journey, I have gained a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond the traditional training of an (a)esthetician. That’s why I proudly call myself a Skincare Therapist!

Tailored Skincare for All

In pursuit of graceful aging and addressing today's skin sensitivities, I curate skincare products that meet the highest European standards. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to embrace aging gracefully.

My uniquely developed consultation process and personalized education with every service will equip you to make informed decisions before investing in treatments or products. Together, we'll discover what works for your unique skin, maintaining a healthy barrier while respecting the skin's microbiome.

Additionally, my credentials in Bodywork and Pilates allow me to bring a holistic, all-encompassing approach to skincare and wellness. Think of it as your own personalized concierge service for your skin—tailored just for you!

My Unique Journey and Expertise

Born in the heart of Germany, my skincare journey began at home, where my mom owned a spa in a resort area along the stunning North Sea! From an early age, I was immersed in the world of wellness and skincare, soaking up knowledge and experience in one of the most picturesque settings imaginable.

The North Sea region is known for its unique spa treatments that harness the natural resources of the area, such as thalassotherapy, which uses seawater, seaweed, and marine mud to rejuvenate the skin and body. Growing up, I was surrounded by these indigenous treatments, learning firsthand the incredible benefits they offer.

This rich heritage and early exposure have given me a deep appreciation for holistic, natural skincare practices that truly respect and nurture the skin.

My Global Adventure in Wellness

Through an extended series of opportunities working with top-notch companies, luxury resorts, and cutting-edge medical spas around the world, I have developed expertise in advanced skincare techniques, personalized treatment plans, and innovative wellness therapies.

My US journey kicked off in 2004 working with the launch of the Spa at Mandarin Oriental New York. This success, reaching a prestigious five-star and five-diamond rating in its first year, taught me the importance of excellence, attention to detail, and delivering outstanding customer service. It also reinforced the value of teamwork and innovation in creating world-class spa experiences.

From the peaceful suburbs of America to the vibrant streets of New York City and Los Angeles, and even a memorable six month escapade Down Under, my spa expertise has taken me to incredible places, including an esteemed role aboard the luxurious mega yacht, The World by ResidenSea, which sails endlessly around the globe. I have worked with everyday folks, A-list celebrities, and even royalty from diverse backgrounds.


Proudly holding international (a)esthetics licenses and credentials across several US states, including New York, California, and Washington, I am also Board Certified in Massage, Wellness, and Injury Prevention, with top-notch training from a school in Berlin, Germany.

In addition to my credentials, I am a comprehensive certified Pilates instructor and a lifelong student of everything related to skin, body, and fascia. (And just to clear up any confusion—fascia is the incredible system that holds everything together internally, not to be mistaken for facial care!) My passion for holistic wellness drives me to continuously learn and integrate new techniques into my practice.

My journey has been nothing short of an adventure! Along the way, my work has been featured in Allure Beauty Magazine, LA Confidential Magazine, Impression Gold Magazine of Japan, and more. Curious about the details? Check out my LinkedIn profile!

Teaching Skincare expertise and Beyond

Guided by these transformative experiences, I've taken on roles as a National Development Educator, representing some of the top names in skincare. I've aligned with brands officially endorsed by Forbes Travel Guide, highlighting my commitment to excellence in skincare education and practice.

Working as an educator, training other (a)estheticians, nurses, and doctors across the US, I teach protocols, physiology, ingredients, and their chemistry. This unique combination of certifications, education, and teaching experience allows me to offer a more comprehensive and informed approach to skincare therapy.

Dive into the blogs on my website, and you’ll quickly see the educator in me come to life. I hope you find the information I share helpful and enlightening!

Join Me on This Journey

I'm on a mission to give back, using my extensive experience to guide you in discovering modern, holistic, and effective ways to nourish and improve your skin's health. Let's embark on this journey together, unlocking the potential for your skin's well-being so you can truly love and cherish it.

Cultivate a purposeful routine. Your skin deserves lifelong dedication. Treating it well parallels caring for your body—it's a lifestyle choice. Let's embark on this journey together and make your skin's health a priority!

Elevate Your Skincare

With my uniquely developed consultation process and personalized education, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions before investing in treatments or products. Together, we'll discover what works for your unique skin, maintaining a healthy barrier while respecting the skin's microbiome.

The intersection of cutting-edge technology and age-old wisdom yields the ultimate combination. Join me on this exciting ride—whether you're nearby or miles away—as I dive deeper and make my mark in this captivating industry!

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