Nicole Rox
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Hailing from the heart of Germany, I have embraced a global identity from a young age. My journey has taken me from idyllic American suburban neighborhoods to the vibrant landscape of the Big Apple, with a memorable detour living Down Under for six months. My career has been graced by collaborations with FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES, opulent LUXURY DESTINATION RESORTS, and cutting-edge MEDICAL SPAS

A pivotal highlight in my journey was being part of the pioneering team behind the successful launch of the Spa at MANDARIN ORIENTAL NEW YORK. Witnessing its meteoric rise to a prestigious five-star and five-diamond rating within its inaugural year set the tone for an exhilarating path in the captivating realm of wellness.

My extensive Spa expertise spans across distinguished domains, including an esteemed role aboard the illustrious private MEGA YACHT, THE WORLD, which embarks on an endless global voyage. I hold international aesthetics licenses and maintain credentials across several US states (New York, California, Washington). This journey led me to achieve Board Certification as a Practitioner in Massage, Wellness, and Injury Prevention, fostering profound personal and professional development.

Guided by these transformative experiences, I assumed the roles of NATIONAL EDUCATOR, representing renowned skincare brands. Notably, I aligned with prestigious SKINCARE BRANDS, officially endorsed by FORBES TRAVEL GUIDE, further underscoring my commitment to excellence in skincare education and practice.

I am dedicated to a mission of giving back, drawing upon my extensive collective experiences, and serving as your guide in discovering holistic and effective methods to nourish and improve your skin's health. Let me accompany you on this journey, partnering to unlock the potential for maximizing your overall skin well-being, allowing you to truly love and cherish your skin.

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